Monday, 24 June 2013


July: a crazy busy month as I will be attempting to get Top 50 on MyFreeCams as a birthday present to myself. 

This will be the highest rank I have attempted so far

I'm incredibly excited for this so to anyone who would like to book me for a photoshoot, event, or anything I will not be available. I will be spending my time online working towards my goal.

So, GOOD NEWS MFC FANS! You guys will be seeing a LOT of me. Be sure to check this link for my updated schedule.

Anyone who wishes to send me Birthday love, tips in July on MyFreeCams would be the most appreciated love you can possibly send. Reaching top 50 is a really difficult and stressful task and I will be giving it my ALL putting in more hours than I ever have in a month.

I'm really excited, it's going to be a big and fun month! Then, August 1st, MY BIRTHDAY we will have a big celebration at month end (MFC's cut off time is 3am EST on August 1st). Or... I'll be super sad... lol... I have faith in us though, I think we can make it and we will get our goal!

Wish me good luck!


Friday, 21 June 2013

Offline from MFC for a few days

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday - All days I will not be online. 

I will be back on MFC Wednesday! Check for schedule to be posted soon

FanExpo 2013 - Meet Me!

Come see me in August at the METRO TORONTO CONVENTION CENTER for FanExpo 2013.

I have plans to get a booth, but this is not yet confirmed. If I don't manage to get a booth I will still be there walking around enjoying the convention. I will be doing a new cosplay all 4 days [August 22nd-25th]. On August 24th you can see me wearing this beautiful Snow White costume made by Artifice Clothing.

Dress up as a dwarf, handsome prince or something creative from this story to get a great picture taken with me!

Worried you wont be able to find me at the convention? Don't stress, just send a tweet to @verababylive and I'll let you know where I am :) Don't be shy!

view more pictures from this shoot here

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

For June


My June is incredibly busy. I've got tattoo appointments and bookings as well as some family time I'd like to focus on. However, I am trying to push for above top 150 so you will still see me a fair amount. I wont be able to post a schedule on the LIVE WEBCAM section of the site, but I will post what I know on my twitter. Make sure you're following @verababylive to keep updated

Fan Meeting ::: Conventions

Northern Ink Exposure:
I will be in Toronto getting tattooed and selling prints. If you are at the NIX be sure to come say hello
Come visit me at this years FanExpo in Toronto. I have hopes to get a booth with Gaunted Photography and sideshowsito. I'll be doing cosplay and selling prints. There will also be an option for you to get Polaroids with me. This is my favorite convention to visit, and this will be my first time running a booth here. Swing by, say hello, I can't wait to meet you :)

Photographers/Models who want to collab

My month is completely booked. July is almost completely booked as well. If you are looking to work with me, please contact as soon as possible to get your name into my schedule. In August I'll be visiting California and in September I'll be in Brooklyn New York, if you are in these areas let me know and we can set something up. PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA MM, I DO NOT ORGANIZE MY BOOKINGS THROUGH ANY OTHER SITE/MESSAGE SYSTEM